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Of brand engagement.

We create state of the art vending machines. Our machines are unique, they give rewards for data, market research, social engagement and brand love.

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Create influencers.

Build content.

Social vending creates an interaction between the consumer and the brand. It directly engages consumers and encourages organic content creation.

Social player.

Game changer.

We create fun content for consumers to engage with brands using interactive games, visual multiple choice and gestures.

Fix up.

Look sharp.

Social vending machines are a blank canvas.

You can wrap them in printed graphics and customise every step of the user journey, so your campaigns will always look sharp and 100% on brand.

Our easy to use vendlook builder enables you to quickly create a bespoke branded software interface, so you can keep things looking fresh!


It works.

By encouraging your users to interact with your brand in return for a free gift, you will create a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. Social vending raises brand awareness and creates social amplification of your brand message across the user's entire network of followers and friends.

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