How it works.

Four easy steps to a complete end-to-end service, tailored just for you.

Step 01

Your idea

We have the techical wizardry and the industry insight to deliver great social campaigns but each one has started with an idea. We’re here to help nurture yours.

We offer a simple, efficient process to realising your next social campaign Let’s get started.

Step 02

Pick your interactions

Choose from an array of social ‘triggers’ to realise your idea. You can combine these features to create a multi-touch experience or select the perfect one to target your audience.

Don’t see what you want below? Let’s talk and we can work a custom solution.










Activate using Twitter as a trigger promotes use of your brand hashtag and organic content creation, using a Tweet-For-A-Treat mechanic.


Step 03

Pick your reward

As well as dispensing physical products and samples from the machines you can also choose to send branded sms notifcations and emails direct to participants to drive ROI and deliver your brand message.


Vend a prize

The VendMax machines are truly versatile and can hold items ranging in size from a packet of gum to a shoe box! Individual prizes can dispensed either randomly or based on the participants on-screen selections, skill level of game play or follower count.


Print a voucher

Maximise ROI by issuing vouchers to drive in-store and online sales direct from the machine with our Print unit add-on.


Send an email/text

Send messages by email & SMS direct to users including discount codes, web links and calls to action to maximize ROI and drive sales in-store and online.

Step 04

Brand your machine

External Wrap


Social Vend machines are a blank canvas. You can wrap them in printed graphics from head to toe, so your campaigns will always look sharp and 100% on-brand and looking fresh!

Set Builds


Our machines look great, but if you want to make a big impact with a jaw dropping set build get in touch. We’ve put machines in bespoke fabricated shipping containers, inflatable structures, vehicles and custom built structures.