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What is social vending?

Social Vending works by asking consumers to make an action on social media in return for a product, sample or discount voucher.

Why does social vending work?

Social Vending raises brand awareness and creates social amplification of the brand message across the consumer's entire social network.

Can I come by the London office and try it out?

Absolutely! Just send us an email or give us a call and we'll set-up a playdate.

How can I get a job with you guys?

We are always looking for new and talented individuals to join the team, from back-end developers to electrical engineers. We don’t always advertise our jobs so your best bet is to email [email protected] along with your CV and a little bit about yourself.



How many items can the vendmax hold?

This is dependant on the item size, but as a guide the vendmax can hold: 540 cans of soft drink / 12 boxes of trainers / 500 T-Shirts / 1100 chocolate bars.

What's the largest and smallest item the vendmax can vend?

The largest item is a hefty 16cm x 20cm x 35cm, the smallest is a business card!

What shape of items can it vend?

The vendmax dispense system is exceptionally versatile and can dispense most items providing they have structure. For example; a loose piece of fabric will have difficulty vending, but roll it up or fold it tight and it will work just fine.

How heavy is the vendmax?


Can I move it up and down stairs?

Yes, however a commercial 'stair climber' will be needed. In the UK we have a team dedicated to machine logistics and for an extra fee we would be happy to send someone over to survey the access and create a plan to get your machine where you want it.

Can I send you items to test whether the vendmax can vend them?

Absolutely! You are welcome to send over samples to be tested, once tested we can give you feedback including the precise stock capacity the units can hold of your items.

What power outlets do I need to run the vendmax?

The vendmax uses a single standard domestic supply 110v or 240v and can be delivered with a country specific plug.

Can I leave the vendmax outside exposed to the elements?

The vendmax cabinet structure is treated against rust and corrosion, although we would not recommend leaving it completely exposed to the elements for prolonged amounts of time.



Can I see the user journey before my event?

Absolutely! We screen record all of the user journeys for sign off up to one week before the date of your event. Please be aware that we will only be able to do this if artwork is handed in on time.

Do you deliver the vendmax for events and place it in the correct position?

We have a logistics network of trained technicians located all over Europe to move your machine into place and get it turned on. If you are not sure whether the access to your venue will be able to accommodate the machine please let us know and we can send over a technician to survey it prior to the event for a small fee.

What happens if something goes wrong with the machine on a live event?

The machines leave our warehouse only after having been tested by 2 seperate technitians and as such both software and hardware failers are extremley rare. We also have a 24h support line for active rentals and access to the machines operating system remotely.

But just to give you extra piece of mind, we guarentee a 99% uptime of your machine for the duration of your event for factors within our control. Refunds will be given on a pro-rater basis for any downtime under 99% to a maximum of 100% of the total unit rental fee.